Purified mineral

extraction from

water desalination process

|   ZLD and Mineral Extraction Innovation  

What can we extract?

from typical sea water
Calcium Ca++
22,000+ mg/L

| Calcium can be used in the production of some metals, cement and mortar and also in the glass industry.

Sodium Na+
12,000+ mg/L

| Along with Chloride, Sodium accounts for the majority of the seawater ions. Sodium has multiple uses in the energy sector. Sodium salts have more uses cases, including table salt.

Potassium K+
500+ mg/L

| Potassium is the sixth most abundant element dissolved in seawater. Potassium has many dietary benefits, and agriculture uses.

Magnesium Mg2+
1,700+ mg/L

|After sodium, it is the most commonly found cation in oceans. Magnesium salts have a wide range of industrial and dietary use cases.

Sulfate SO4
3,000+ mg/L

| Sulphate-based salts are used as foaming agents, care products, construction, and other industrial applications.

Chloride Cl-
25,000+ mg/L

| Common salt can be separated from sea water by evaporation as NaCl.

- More Elements -
Ammonium (NH4+) 0.35+ mg/L
Iron (Fe++) 8.0+ μg/l
Boron (as B+++) 5,000+ μg/l
Arsenic (As) 1.00+ μg/l
Copper (Cu) 2.0+ μg/l
Molybdenum (Mo) 12.0 μg/l
Silica (SiO2) 10.0+ mg/L
Nitrate (NO3) 12.0+ mg/L
Nitrite (N) 0.40+ mg/L

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